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ARGUS uses the latest high-power LED (light emitting diode) components to produce superior performing products–the YES365® series. YES365®’s bulbs provide significant advantages in energy efficiency, lifetime and lumen maintenance over incumbent technology such as incandescent or halogen, while offering constant, quality light output. 

ARGUS develops technology and products that make it easier for customers to implement and use LED lighting in ways and at price points never achieved in the industry.  We are transforming light at ARGUS (mercury, phosphorous and sulfur free) while creating a better experience for you, your customers and the environment.  ARGUS's LED lighting solutions are  environmentally friendly, energy conscious and long lasting.

The operational life of an LED bulb is 25,000-50,000 hours compared to the average life of an incandescent bulb of 5,000 hours.  YES365®’s bulbs last longer, deliver better light than incumbent technologies and use 10-50% less electric power.

The benefits are many—less heat, less air conditioning, lower maintenance, lower energy costs and more direct lighting.

At ARGUS, our ongoing commitment is to you—the customer– to provide superior products at the best price.

Please explore this site to learn more, and contact us to learn how ARGUS products can transform the way you and your customers experience the LED lighting revolution.


ARGUS is unique and our supply chain is simple. We produce the products we offer.  With a simplified supply chain, we are in a better position to monitor and improve working conditions, reduce transportation costs and make our products, which use only the highest quality parts that are expensive to source, more cost effective.

Our manufacturing and assembly facilities are located in Asia. The reason for this is twofold.  First, the components used in our products are manufactured in Taiwan, Japan and Korea where all LED technologies and components originate. Second, for obvious reasons, we avail ourselves of the savings related to lower labor costs.  

We bear ultimate responsibility of the social and environmental costs of every ARGUS product.  And we regularly evaluate and improve our production methods so they are in line with our corporate values and the environment.